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Basic rules for healthy nutrition

We get really too much advice about healthy nutrition even on a daily level and this results only with confusion and misconception. Not mentioning all together just doesn’t make it easier as it already isn’t when we want to change some nutrition habits and start our healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be this way, not even close. Here are some basic rules that should make you conscious of what you are eating what is most important.

Cut down on processed food

Groceries like fruits, beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lentils are your real friends. The point is to get as much nutrition as you can from completely unprocessed food. So this means you go to the market and buy food that hasn’t been prepped or cooked in any way yet, such as turkey, fish, eggs, beef. Also it is always better to choose whole grains over processed ones and brown rice over white rice. Instead of processed fruit juices eat fresh fruit.


Everybody around you mentions it always as a most important meal of the day and it is true. It kickstarts your metabolism with improving cognitive function which results with making much better choices of healthy food throughout your day. It should consist of some healthy fat, complex carbohydrates and protein.

Measure with sugar and sodium

By avoiding processed food as already mentioned you will avoid all these unnecessary amounts of salt and sugar. It won’t hurt if you use salt while cooking. A bit of good old sea salt or Himalayan will help make the most delicious and tasty meals. Pay attention a little more to ingredients list so you may better identify those sneakily hidden sugars which are found in just about everything. They will just provide zero nutrition and contribute to inflammations, diabetes or weight gain. While baking some cookies sweeten them yourself with some raw honey or raw brown sugar which make an amazing combination with dark chocolate.


Most of the people just don’t drink enough water and it is a fact. For sure, it is ok to have sometimes in moderate level vanilla latte and alcohol drink but there’s nothing better and healthy in unlimited amounts like lemon water. This is especially recommended for those who just don’t like the taste of the plain water.

Do no starve


One of the biggest mistakes everybody does and it always just backfires. The starving whole day usually only results with overindulging at night. You will just slow down your metabolism while preserving much more body fat because your body will go into survival mode. Your body needs to function and survive so eating small and more often healthy meals will keep your metabolism working and body nicely toned.

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