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Biggest mistakes in healthy nutrition

It is unbelievable how myths and other misinformation keep being incredibly more seductive than the truth. They just die and keep bouncing back all the time despite the fact of indisputable evidence. Most persistent ones are those which contain only a seed of the truth. Of course there are also some that actually help, are science-based and most repeated ones.

Moderation is not healthy

We heard so many times how it is ok to eat as many fruits and vegetables as we can. But it is also no like any other taking of much bigger portion then you actually need. Whole foods also contain starch, calories and sugars and can really add up. Portion control is the key and also will make possible to take sometimes that forbidden food we all just really crave.

Carbs are the enemy


By avoiding carbs just for few days you will find yourself in a situation of starving and malfunctioning because of the very low blood sugars. Instead of cutting carbs totally choose wisely the ones like beans, sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice which have much more nutritional value. They provide you with glucose which is the primary source of energy. For many people a low-carb diet is much harder to stick within the long run and it usually ends up with yo-yo effect.

Not eating at night hours

Calories are calories no matter when you eat, most important is the total intake of your day. Of course it is not recommended to overfill yourself with the food before bedtime because it usually ends up with insomnia problems. But it is also not a solution to go to bed hungry and leave your body starving for hours until the morning.

Skipping breakfast

Any skipping of the meal and especially the breakfast will lead after some time to weight gain. Your body must break the nighttime fast and get the metabolism running with some food. If not eating in the morning you are just creating large fluctuation of insulin and glucose in your body which results with more gain fat instead of fat loss.

Complete elimination of “unhealthy” food

Total restriction of anything usually causes only finding ourselves becoming obsessed with having it. This usually makes us to sustain usually already after a short time. By letting ourselves enjoy some “forbidden” food, you will kill those cravings and still make it live much healthier than before. Leaving yourself feeling guilt and binging is not a solution.

Trusting wrong sources

Listening to about anyone who seemed to make sense or know something about healthy nutrition without really questioning their reputation could lead you to a dead end. It is also a specialization like any other that requires a lot of training and education which will result with quality results. So think twice before picking your nutrition advisor who will uniquely treat you and your metabolism.

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