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Food and workout

For sure results with your health and body figure will be noticed when balancing your way of life with healthy food, but a knockout combination is made when you add some regular exercise to your life schedule. There are few essential details about this combination like what to eat before and after the workout, so you successfully stay maximum energized, build lean muscles and speed up recovery.

Eating before workout

General mistake everybody does is working out on an empty stomach. This is a perfect way to cause a muscle loss because the body will draw a protein from muscles instead of the kidneys and liver where it should normally look for it. Regarding this, fewer muscles mean a slower metabolism and make it much harder to lose some weight. Not eating enough could also lead to making you feel lightheaded, dizzy and lethargic. Not only that, you will have not enough energy to make it through some intense training if you don’t provide some energy from the food. This food should contain protein, and complex carbohydrate and some food snacks like oatmeal with berries, brown rice with black beans, apple and walnuts or broccoli with sweet potato will do a great job for your successful workout with much better results. Saturated fats and even healthy protein should be avoided because they take a lot of oxygen and slowly digest in your stomach which results in taking energy delivering blood from the muscles.

Eating after workout

During workout, body taps glycogen which presents a kind of fuel stored in your muscles. When you are totally broke on the end of your training session your muscles are broke down too because they are depleted of their glycogen stores. Around 30 minutes or an hour after the workout it is recommended to refill these energy stores so you keep your metabolism burning strong. This ability to refill decreases really fast, according to many studies even with 50% if you eat two hours after your workout session. So maybe the best solution will be to bring something with you to the gym, something like a protein shake with some banana. Some other snacks that will do great work for you and your healthy body after a workout are quinoa with blackberries, roasted chickpeas with some salad or some multi-grain bread with raw peanut butter.
Eating before workout
It is important to remember that each body and person is unique so it will have different requires and preferences. The worst mistake most people still do today is skipping food or even not eating at all for longer periods which results not only with reducing your gains in a totally wrong way but it has a negative impact to your training performance.Also do not forget to hydrate with water regularly.